About Jude Denim


Jude started out in the Textile world as a technical intern in the Textile Research & Development division of the Firestone Tire Co. From there he went on to manage a large composite textile mill in Asia where he mastered spinning, weaving, dyeing, and apparel production. He eventually moved to Vancouver and established J.N. Alvit Ltd, a global denim supply chain manager, and began working with major denim retailers in North America. Jude’s affinity for creative work with denim drew him to Los Angeles where he would expand his manufacturing base for handcrafted jeans. It is here that he honed his washing and processing skills with some of the world’s best denim laundries.

After 27 years designing for private denim labels, Jude Neale crafted his own denim line, merging his decades of experience and skill with his timeless passion to create a denim brand, unlike any other.



In the early 90’s Jude was among the few that pioneered acid wash. Demand outpaced supply and there weren’t too many rules, as such, there was a lot of freedom with how we processed denim. The effects that our work had on people and the environment became evident years later. Processes like sandblasting, pumice stone washes, acid washes, and effluent discharges which damaged our environment were largely overlooked. Cost took precedence over means. Feeling very strongly about this, Jude launched his namesake brand Jude Neale that would reflect the change we need in how jeans are made. We understand that we cannot change the world but we know that we can take steps to change how we do things. To make jeans consciously.



Our factories are state of the art units and managed by J.N. Alvit Ltd a global denim supply chain manager. The network is strictly vetted for Social compliance and work safe environment, the units are also vetted by our testing partners Bureau Veritas and SGS labs to ensure laundries and processing units meet current environmental standards. Every unit we operate holds a valid certification by WRAP, SA8000 or BSCI along with other applicable certifications such as  GRS, GOTS, OEK-TEX and BSI.