Sustainable Jeans


The blueprint for Jude Neale remains constant: characterful, exciting and built to the highest standards. Combining pure creativity with a true art form, Jude Denim is imbued with a style that reflects a denim purists contemporary approach to jeans. Every part put together with impeccable attention to detail. A brand driven by a purpose, a jean made consciously.

  • Organic Content Standard : Certified for using 100% sustainability farmed Organic cotton.
  • Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals : Certified for processing each pair of denim factory where 80% of the water used in the processing stage is reused back in the production cycle.
  • Better Cotton Initiative  : Certified for weaving sustainability farmed cotton.
  • Bluesign : Certified for processing each pair of denim in a denim factory using only 1 L of water for wet processing. This drastically reduces consumption of water chemicals and energy (C02).
  • Global Organic Textile Standard : Certified for using 100% organic cotton & recycled elastane using Kitotex & Indigo Juice. 


Every pair of Jude Denim jeans is engineered with:

  • Curated custom woven Recoil Stretch Twill technology.
  • Curated with custom woven Indigo dyed denim from Turkey and Italy.
  • Our black and grey washes stays black and grey, wash after wash. This is created through colour dyeing technology, made with modal fibers that are sourced from sustainable forestry & biorefineries processed in Austria. We believe in setting the standard for an unparalleled fade resistant performance.


Thousands of stitches go into every Jude Neale product along with 26 years of craftsmanship and experience. The visual experience is enhanced by combining the highest level of stitch consistency. Specially engineered sewing construction on critical parts of the garment allow for dynamic adjustment of fit. Every aspect of the garment construction and design process is executed with an extraordinary attention to detail.





Performance, quality and consistency. Our jeans represent the best in denim engineering. Employing state of the art construction techniques, our denim engineers ensure that every stitch meet’s the highest standards. Deploying time tested pre and post wash evaluation techniques we ensure that you can always trust your style to fit the way you like it, every time. We make jeans that impart an unrivalled wearing experience.






The use of masterfully crafted fabrics from the worlds best denim mills from Italy, Turkey, Japan and the United States afford our artisans an unrivalled design canvas to work with. Working closely with our Italian & Japanese denim fabric suppliers we custom build small batches of unique denim fabrics. Sourced from sustainable BCI cotton and regenerated waste materials a special effort is made to reduce our overall impact on our environment and the people that work with our product. Our jeans are an experience of a perfectly integrated product with the best materials.






A Jude Neale product meets the highest standards of performance and comfort. Every style is put through a rigorous battery of testing & inspection that is carried out by SGS labs, a globally accredited testing laboratory. A Jude Denim product must meet the minimum testing standards before it leaves the factory floor.  Our testing protocol is one of the most intense testing protocols developed for denim and textiles. Focused on performance and comfort a Jude Denim jean sets the standard for denim apparel.  




Building small batches of exceptionally well built jeans is what we do. Produced by a small team of artists working with Jude in our Los Angeles denim lab, every style is painstakingly designed, prototyped, washed and aged literally by hand. Every spot, fade and color conceived out of an inspired emotion.


























We want Jude Denim to be a brand that reflects the change in how jeans are made, to design and manufacture jeans as if the people that make it and the place where we make it matters. Our team of artisans come to work each day knowing only how to make the best jeans and in doing so we aspire to do no harm but benefit all. 27 years of experience in the field has given us the edge when it comes to deploying cutting-edge eco-sustainable techniques in our processing plants. Recycling 80% of the water we use, incorporating ozone waterless bleach processing and recapturing oxidizing agents used in the process are some of our intensive efforts to craft jeans with the smallest environmental footprint.